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Dhruv, New, Old Mumbai Rd, Tathawade, Pune, Maharashtra 411033, India


Dhruv, New


Dhruv, New








About Indira College of Commerce & Science (ICCS) | Pune

Our Indira College of Commerce & Science (ICCS) provides an ideal environment for young minds to explore new ideas, encourage creativity and independent thinking. It facilitates faculty to engage in research, staff to cultivate empathy towards students, and everyone to develop the twin qualities of life-long learning for yearning for learning.We focus on academic excellence, physical development, communication and leadership skills, values and ethics of each and every student with a philosophy.We have also had the opportunity to support research institutions and corporate across the world by developing the industry oriented courses.Along with a vast and beautiful campus, we also possess various infrastructural amenities to make the students’ learning experience a brilliant one.Facilities for sports, indoor games and areas for recreation and creative pursuits make The Indira College of Commerce & Science (ICCS) a great place in shaping strong personalities.All the students are encouraged to excel and participate in programmes, at The Indira College of Commerce & Science (ICCS), state and national level.The Indira College of Commerce & Science (ICCS) has taken on the responsibility to design its courses, frame its syllabi and conduct its own evaluation.The Indira College of Commerce & Science (ICCS) is currently offering various courses keeping in view the resources of the region and the employability of the graduates.College motivates our students to realize their high career expectations through its comprehensive training programmes and various confidence building sessions.We firmly believe that education is the key to a nation’s progress with this; we will take it as our bounded duty to provide the best academic training a student can possibly get.We are offering a variety of graduate and post graduate courses to the students.Our academic programmes are designed in compliance to The Indira College of Commerce & Science (ICCS) Board pattern to provide the best education to students in search of a fine college education.
•  Digital and conventional Libraries with high speed internet connectivity
•  Computing and communication facilities for worldwide information access
• Cultural festivals to nurture and exhibit talents in Cultural fields.
• Academic & Research Activities run under mentorship of Unversity 
• Round the clock security services equipped with CCTV surveillance
• Medical officer on duty, 24 hours vehicle available for emergency
• Effective teaching learning process and modern infrastructure.
• Excellent Academic Results and Healthy Academic Environment
•  Transport facility from every nook and cornet of the city
• 200 mbps premium internet bandwidth with 1:1 connectivity.
• Most of the classrooms and laboratories with ICT facility
• 24 – hours All round security with CCTV cameras on campus