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Dr.S.K.Nagar,Bagan Vat Uran Lslampur – Sangli Rd, Kasbe Digraj, Maharashtra, India


Dr.S.K.Nagar, Bagan Vat


Dr.S.K.Nagar, Bagan Vat


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About Dr.Shivajirao Kadam College Of Pharmacy.Kasbe Digraj | Sangli

Our Dr.Shivajirao Kadam College Of Pharmacy.Kasbe Digraj provides an ideal environment for young minds to explore new ideas, encourage creativity and independent thinking. It facilitates faculty to engage in research, staff to cultivate empathy towards students, and everyone to develop the twin qualities of life-long learning for yearning for learning.We focus on academic excellence, physical development, communication and leadership skills, values and ethics of each and every student with a philosophy.We will support students in achieving those golden ambitions and also ensure that their stay in The Dr.Shivajirao Kadam College Of Pharmacy.Kasbe Digraj is meaningful and fruitful as well.Along with a vast and beautiful campus, we also possess various infrastructural amenities to make the students’ learning experience a brilliant one.Facilities for sports, indoor games and areas for recreation and creative pursuits make The Dr.Shivajirao Kadam College Of Pharmacy.Kasbe Digraj a great place in shaping strong personalities.To begin with we have large playground in the campus. With excellent facility for all games – like cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis & badminton etc. we invest in sports equipment to give the best facilities to our students.Our college commitment towards grooming its students goes beyond prescribed curriculum.Mainly, our college’s motto is to develop student’s career in the field of science, technology and engineering which produces highly talented candidates who can execute for industrial and commercial development of the country and students can accept the challenges and demand for the requirements if needed.The Dr.Shivajirao Kadam College Of Pharmacy.Kasbe Digraj has the unique and proud privilege of intimate association with prominent legal professionals of distinction as visiting faculty who regularly conduct lectures, workshops and discussions with students despite their hectic schedules and preoccupations.College offers Certificate Courses for improving language skills for non-English speaking students.Dr.Shivajirao Kadam College Of Pharmacy.Kasbe Digraj provides other facilities like Wi-Fi, transportation, hostels, healthcare, internet, cafeteria, computer labs.Our academic programmes are designed in compliance to The Dr.Shivajirao Kadam College Of Pharmacy.Kasbe Digraj Board pattern to provide the best education to students in search of a fine college education.
• In-Campus Wardens & Superintendents
• Ragging free and strict discipline
• Well equipped Language Laboratory
• Center for Promotion of Research
• State-of-the art infrastructure.
• Qualified and experienced staff
• Prayer hall and recreation hall
• Career guidance for students.
• Research and Development Cell
• Visitor’s hall and guest room
• Excellent catering facilities
• Excellent Library facilities.