Unit I

Income and Expenditure:

 Household Income – Types, Sources, Supplementation of family income, use of family income, budgets, maintaining household accounts


 Factors influencing expenditure pattern


 Family savings and investments- need ,principles, channels of investment, tax implications


 Consumer credit- need, sources, credit cards, Housing finance


 Personal finance management – tax implications, calculation of personal income tax


 Guidelines for wise buying practices


Unit II

Consumer in India:

 Definition of a consumer and consumer behaviour


 Consumer Needs – Needs and Goals of consumer Interdependence of needs and goals.


 Characteristics and Types of consumer needs – physiological, safety, social, egoistic needs, needs for self-actualization.


 Consumer choice – Need for intelligent choice .Factors influencing consumer choice.


 Purchase Decision of a Consumer- Meaning of purchase decision of a consumer. Guidelines for wise purchase, consumer problems-types, consumer Aids – Advertisement, brands, Trademark .Quality mark, labels, packaging.


Unit III

Consumer Problems and Education:

 Role of consumers in the economy, National Income, Per Capita Income, Household wise distribution of income


 Changing nature of the business world -e-commerce, e-business


 Types of consumer problems – products and service related, investment and infrastructure related, Causes and solutions


 Consumer education and empowerment


Unit – IV

Consumer Protection:


 Consumer protection


 Consumer rights and responsibilities


 Consumer organizations – origin, functioning, role and types.


 Consumer cooperatives – role, history and growth in India, PDS KendriyaBhandars.


 Basic legislative framework for consumer protection in India, Consumer Protection Act 1986 COPRA, Alternative redressal mechanisms, Mediation centres


 Standardization and quality control measures: ISI, FPO, AGMARK, ISO, Eco mark, Wool mark, Silk mark, Cotton mark, Handloom mark, BEE star labelling and others


 Regulations on Food Labeling and Claims: FSSAI, Codex for consumers