Section – I

Definition of Fuzzy Set, Expanding Concepts of Fuzzy Set, Standard Operations of Fuzzy Set, Fuzzy Complement, Fuzzy Union, Fuzzy Intersection, Other Operations in Fuzzy Set, Tnorms and T- conorms. 

 Section – II 

Product Set, Definition of Relation, Characteristics of Relation, Representation Methods of Relations, Operations on Relations, Path and Connectivity in Graph, Fundamental Properties, Equivalence Relation, Compatibility Relation, Pre-order Relation, Order Relation, Definition and Examples of Fuzzy Relation, Fuzzy Matrix, Operations on Fuzzy Relation, Composition of Fuzzy Relation,  – cut of Fuzzy Relation, Projection and Cylindrical Extension, Extension by Relation, Extension Principle, Extension by Fuzzy Relation, Fuzzy distance between Fuzzy Sets. 

 Section – III 

Graph and Fuzzy Graph, Fuzzy Graph and Fuzzy Relation,  – cut of Fuzzy Graph, Fuzzy Network, Reflexive Relation, Symmetric Relation, Transitive Relation, Transitive Closure, Fuzzy Equivalence Relation, Fuzzy Compatibility Relation, Fuzzy Pre-order Relation, Fuzzy Order Relation, Fuzzy Ordinal Relation, Dissimilitude Relation, Fuzzy Morphism, Examples of Fuzzy Morphism. 

Section – IV 

Interval, Fuzzy Number, Operation of Interval, Operation of  – cut Interval, Examples of Fuzzy Number Operation, Definition of Triangular Fuzzy Number, Operation of Triangular Fuzzy Number, Operation of General Fuzzy Numbers, Approximation of Triangular Fuzzy Number, Operations of Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number, Bell Shape Fuzzy Number. 

Note : The question paper of each course will consist of five Sections. Each of the sections I to IV will contain two questions and the students shall be asked to attempt one question from each. Section-V shall be compulsory and will contain eight short answer type questions without any internal choice covering the entire syllabus. 

Books Recommended: 

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  2.  H.J. Zimmerman, Fuzzy Set Theory and its Applications, Allied Publishers Ltd., New Delhi, 1991. 
  3. John Yen, Reza Langari, Fuzzy Logic – Intelligence, Control and Information, Pearson Education,1999.