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17ZOO23DB1 Biology of Population

SYLLABUS Unit I Genetic structure of natural populations: Gene pool, Genotype frequency and Allele frequency Hardy-Weinberg law of genetic equilibrium. Assumptions, predictions, applications and significance of Hardy-Weinberg law Conditions when Hardy-Weinberg law might not apply   Unit II Various destabilizing forces of natural populations: (i) Natural selection (ii) Mutation (iii) Genetic drift (iv) Migration Bottlenecks […]


SYLLABUS Unit 1: Industrial Relations (IR) Concept of Industrial Relations; Nature of Industrial Relations; Objectives of IR; Factors affecting IR in changing Environment, Evolution of IR in India; Role of State; Trade Union; Employers’ Organisation; Human Resource Management and IR, Role of ILO in Industrial Relations.   Unit 2: Trade Union Trade Union: Origin and […]

17ABT22C1 Plant Tissue Culture

SYLLABUS UNIT I History of plant cell and tissue culture, Culture media; various types of cultures: callus, cell suspension, nurse, root, meristem, In Vitro differentiation: Organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis; Molecular basis of plant organ differentiation Micro-propagation– plant multiplication, hardening, transplantation, genetic fidelity, scale up and cost reduction, bioreactor, artificial seeds; Applications of tissue culture: Virus […]

16CHE21C3 Organic Chemistry-I

SYLLABUS Section-A Nature of Bonding in Organic molecules: Delocalized chemical bonding –conjugation, cross conjugation, resonance, hyperconjugation , tautomerism. Aromaticity in benzenoid and nonbenzenoid compounds, alternant and non-alternant hydrocarbons, Huckel’s rule, energy level of -molecular orbitals, annulenes, antiaromaticity, homo-aromaticity, PMO approach. Bonds weaker than covalent, addition compounds, crown ether complexes and cryptands, inclusion compounds, cyclodextrins, catenanes […]

17MAT23DA2: Fuzzy Set Theory

SYLLABUS Section – I Definition of Fuzzy Set, Expanding Concepts of Fuzzy Set, Standard Operations of Fuzzy Set, Fuzzy Complement, Fuzzy Union, Fuzzy Intersection, Other Operations in Fuzzy Set, Tnorms and T- conorms.   Section – II  Product Set, Definition of Relation, Characteristics of Relation, Representation Methods of Relations, Operations on Relations, Path and Connectivity in […]


SYLLABUS Course Objective:  To introduce stored program organization of computer and instruction set architecture.  To introduce design of control unit using microprogramming, RISC and interrupt handling.  To introduce different microarchitectural designs such as pipelining.Vector processing and SIMD array processor.  To introduce different algorithms used in the design of ALU  To introduce different I/O organization mechanisms […]

17MCB23DB2 – Downstream processing

SYLLABUS Unit I Role and importance of downstream processing in biotechnological processes. An overview of bioseparation; Problems and requirements of bioproduct purification; Characteristics of biological mixtures; Downstream process economics.   UNIT-II Physico-chemical basis of bio-separation processes. Removal of particulate matter; biomass; and insolubles: flocculation and sedimentation; centrifugation and filtration methods; Cell disruption methods; Enrichment Operations: […]

EC 465 Mobile and Cellular Communication

SYLLABUS Course objectives: 1. To understand the concept and implementation of frequency reuse and Handoff techniques and to analyze interference and capacity enhancement. 2. To appreciate the factors influencing outdoor and indoor propagation systems and to analyze various multiple access protocols based on their merits and demerits. 3. To visualize the system architectures and implementation […]


SYLLABUS Course Objectives: 1. To learn the principles of digital hardware and support given by it to the software. 2. To explain the operation and design of combinational and arithmetic logic circuits. 3. To design hardware for real world problems.   UNIT – I Design Concepts – Digital Hardware, Design process, Design of digital hardware […]